Who coded your mission critical system or business process system?

With systems becoming more complex, if you are not using well trained, certified developers, you are risking optimization, performance, security, and future potentials.  While code is "portable", there is more than one way to solve every problem, and thus, not knowing your development source can cause disruption, wasted effort, or limited financial pursuits.

With time, we will see an emergence of regulatory and compliance measures aimed at secure and certified software.  Why outsource?  Use American Code.

Technologies we have utilized in development include:

  • iOS Development (iPhone & iPad Development)

  • Customized ETL

  • FTP Send/Receive

  • XML Creation/Conversion

  • SQL Triggers/Stored Procedures/T-SQL

  • Export to Excel

  • Speech Recognition & Automation

  • WIFI Monitoring

  • MS Access to SQL Migration

  • Visual Mapping

  • SQL Administration (Automation)

  • Web Services (JSON, ASP, SOAP, CA Certification)

  • Google Maps API

  • Server Performance & Monitoring

  • Services Monitoring & Automation

  • RSA Encryption/Decryption

  • PDF Scrapping

  • Web Services to iOS

  • System/Machine Performance Monitoring

  • Keyboard/Mouse Capturing/Monitoring

  • Excel to XML Mapping (Automation)

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