ProdTRKR Benefits:




*Tool can be pointed to any FTP site

            -Has UserName & Password Security (FTP Security)

*Allows pumper the ability to "organically" build their route as they go.

            -Can trigger "Build Route" to create a user defined list of wells

            -Let the Pumper administrate the route, and do validations on the backend.

            -A Pumper can easily switch on "Build Route", then type in a new WellID, which appends the well data to the user list.  The "Save User Settings" button allows               for User defaults to be saved.

*Appends User location to wells, tanks, and run tickets.

*Maps location of wells and tickets

            -Route tags can be toggled on or off (appends latitude & longitude to records)

*Allows for dynamic entry of tanks, tickets, and equipment.

*User can enter minimal data (Wellname, Well On/Off), or maximum data (all fields).

*One page entry - no flipping between screens or popping in and out of nested layers. 

*Tracks per well - By Date and GPS, (unlimited) oil tanks, (unlimited) water tanks, gas meter (Chart Square Root & Total Flow), water meter, esp, pumping unit, plunger lift, run tickets, dispositions





*No yearly licensing

*Much lower per license cost than competitors licenses or service plans.

*You own your data - send to your FTP

*Can verify that a well was tendered by comparing Lat/Long, Time Stamp, and Dates.

*Gain a visual view of where your wells exist geographically.

*GeoTag your equipment

*Output to FTP is XML file - XML files are easily readable into SQL, Excel, HTML, and many formats.



**All you need are the iPads (Cellular based).

             -FTP service needed for further automation into SQL server



Benefits of pumping on an iPad:


Company email integration

Note keeping

Weather Conditions

Cheaper than Laptops

Better than paper methods - gauge sheets

Remote location of device and remote wipe -via MobileMe

Limited Malware for arm devices, minimal malicious code on iTunes store (Apple verifies all code going into the store, something others do not do)

Applications are "sandboxed", meaning that each has limited access to the system resources, providing better security and fewer "bugs"

Can receive and send text messages (a growing method of communication between the field and office)


*Collect your data and move on… Analytics are rarely "built in" to vendor tools, and at best, generalized.

*Custom development as needed.


~Made in USA    


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